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New Condo & House Projects in Pattaya - We Sell All Off-plan Projects from All Developers

Pattaya's real estate market is very hot at the moment, and it looks like the market will continue to be robust well into the future.  One way investors maximize their returns is to buy new condos and/or homes when the developer has only obtained the land and designed the project concept and layouts.  This is done well before construction ever starts.

The benefits of this approach are that buyers and investors who get in early get the best positioning at the lowest possible price. This approach is not without risk however, as you don't have the benefit of seeing what you will get before you make a commitment.

Big Mango Properties offers virtually every project on the market from all the developers.  We say "virtually", because we conduct some level of due diligence and we also know each developer's track records, and there are some new projects we decide not to market.  That said, we have dozens of exciting new projects and we're well positioned to offer all of them to you either direct from the developer or as resale contracts.

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Exciting New Projects in Pattaya, Thailand!

Sched. start date: Mar 2013
Sched. completion date: Jun 2015
Priced from: 50,000 THB/sqm
Priced from: 45,000 THB/sqm
View from Pattaya
Sched. start date: Mar 2012
Sched. completion date: Jun 2015
Priced from: 130,000 THB/sqm
Zen in the Park
Sched. start date: Jun 2012
Sched. completion date: Dec 2014
Priced from: 33,500 THB/sqm
Priced from: 31,145 THB/sqm
Paradise Park
Priced from: 35,000 THB/sqm