About Us

Printer-friendly versionPrinter-friendly versionemail this pageBig Mango Properties is rapidly becoming the market leader in Thailand.  We are widely recognized as being one of the most trusted, knowledgeable and professionally managed property agencies in Thailand, with an especially strong presence in Bangkok and Pattaya.  Michael Barricelli, Owner and Managing Director of Big Mango Properties has owned and operated a real estate agency in Thailand for over five years and has over 30 years of broad-based business experience to assist our clients with acquiring property suitable to their needs. 

With offices at Asoke Road (Map Link) in the heart of Bangkok’s Central Business District (CBD) and at Naklua Soi 16 at Wongamat Beach (Map Link), arguably Pattaya’s most exclusive neighborhood, we are sure to have a location most convenient for you.

Our Mission:   The mission of Big Mango Properties is to serve as a trusted and knowledgeable business advisor to anyone interested in purchasing, selling or leasing residential or commercial property in the Pattaya region.  We believe in sticking with our clients throughout the entire process of searching for, negotiating, acquiring and settling into their new property. 


  • Integrity
    • We operate with integrity and transparency in working with our clients and in handling their funds.  We will provide all information related to a property and not withhold any information.  When we answer your questions and provide information you can have confidence that we are being truthful.
  • Knowledge
    • Knowledge is power.  We are committed to providing information to our clients and prospects that will assist them in gaining a better understanding of regulatory and other issues related to property ownership in Thailand and related to specific properties.
  • Listening
    • We understand that choosing a home is a very personal process and we listen very careful to what our clients are saying.  When you specify your requirements and budget, we will only offer properties that match those given specifications.
  • Diversity
    • Thailand is truly a meeting place for people from across the globe and from varying socio-economic backgrounds.  We not only understand this but we value diversity, which is clearly reflected by the fact that our team includes individuals from Thailand, US, UK, Russia, Sweden and Japan.
  • Service
    • Our service does not end when you sign a purchase agreement or a lease.  Our staff will assist you in opening a bank account, arranging for cable TV or internet, acquiring insurance, arranging for repairs and any other reasonable services.
  • Ongoing Relationship
    • We believe that our work with our clients is not simply transactional.  After you we help you buy or sell your property, you may want to resell or buy again in the future.  We believe you will continue to benefit from information related to the property market and we will continue to share our newsletters, articles and other relevant information with you.


Testimonials for Big Mango Properties

"It is with pleasure that I award Michael Barricelli and his team at Big Mango Properties with the Best Support Award for their hard work and dedication in helping us sell our homes at Horseshoe Point."

Jate Sopitpongstorn, Managing Director, Horseshoe Point Co., Ltd.

“My experience with Michael and his company is exceptional. His team’s dedication and complete loyalty to the fulfillment of those assignments he accepts guarantee that you are in the best of hands with him. I am pleased to offer my recommendation of him”

Peter Diurson, Managing Director, RED Development

"It is with great pleasure and confidence that I recommend Big Mango Properties to service your property needs.  Michael Barricelli and his colleagues are far and away our top selling agents, and they service our clients with professionalism, integrity and respect. They have handled significant amounts of money on my behalf over numerous transactions, and I have the utmost trust and confidence that every baht is properly safeguarded.  Michael's team provides a full range of services to bring the highest satisfaction to our clients.”

Pansit Torsuwan, Executive Director, Sky Beach Condominium Co. Ltd.

 “I have purchased and resold numerous properties in Pattaya over the past several years.  About two years ago I was introduced to Big Mango Properties.  They quickly became my top-performing agent, selling four of my properties over the past year. Because of their personalized and professional service I now choose to use their services in purchasing property.”

James Ommanney, Investor from UK

 “I met Michael Barricelli shortly after I moved to Thailand and was immediately impressed with his diverse skill set. Not only is he an accomplished senior manager with an impressive background in finance but he has also built up a successful real estate business here in Thailand. His efforts made the move into my new home incredibly easy. The diverse nature of Michael's skills means he could add value to any business.”

Barry Willmore, Managing Director, Brooklands Executives (Relocation Client)

 “We initially contacted Michael in October 2007 to let him know we were considering a move to Thailand for our retirement.  We were very clear that it was very much an exploratory process, and we had to sell our home in San Francisco before we could purchase anything in Thailand.  Also we are very conservative by nature and had many questions about property ownership in Thailand.

Michael and his team at Big Mango Properties spent a great deal of time with us over the course of over a year.  We found the perfect beachfront condo to suit our lifestyles and are very happy with the end result.  We were treated with respect and received the highest degree of service throughout the entire process.”

Jim & Ken, Retirees from San Francisco